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Work Local Option – Freelance

You’ve decided that new urbanism fits with your beliefs and focus on green living and vibrant, local communities. For many of you that means cutting the environmentally unfriendly commute to your daily job so that you can work in your community. The problem is no one is hiring where you live. What are some of your options?

Well the fact that no one is hiring can be a temporary thing. It takes a lot of smart searching and networking to find what you’re looking for and I’ve already posted about some of the strategies to finding a job. There is, however, another option for replacing your income and it depends on the skills you developed in the workforce or your overall training, experience and interests.

I’m talking about freelancing. Let’s say you were a marketing specialist for a firm during your 9-5 life. Perhaps you could promote your marketing strategy development skills as an outside contractor to local entrepreneurs and employers in your region. Replace “marketing specialist” with graphic designer, administrative assistant, customer service specialist, etc. and you’ll soon realize that what you do at your full time job represents a skill-set or specialty that many companies might appreciate on a project or outsource basis.

In many cases it makes better business sense for companies to hire outside contractors than to take on full-time employees – especially in tough economic times.

Many freelancers who market themselves well to business owners are able to replace and even surpass their previous full-time incomes. How much you earn really depends on how much your clients enjoy your work and how well you succeed at marketing yourself.

I’m going to share with you a great way to market yourself and to reach employers who may be local or even thousands of miles away and you won’t necessarily have to step outside your door to do work for them (depending on the type of work you do).

Shelancers - The Website for Female Freelancers Shelancers is an online directory of professional female freelancers. That’s a unique angle for a freelancer directory and one that is sure to get the attention of your potential future clients. You want to featured in a directory with that kind of promotional appeal.

This directory is being promoted far and wide by the two innovative and leading women entrepreneurs who created Shelancers – Nicole Dean and Darina Loakman.

I’m a member of Shelancers and I can tell you that we have freelancers in various fields from graphic designers to accountants to virtual assistants. Best of all, we have monthly resources to enhance your business, and a great forum called “The Watercooler” where we share ideas, questions, look for partners on projects and generally support one another.

If you’ve made up your mind that now is the time for you to make your move back home to create a lifestyle where you can work where you live instead of 20,30, 40 miles away, then think about freelancing and visit Shelancers by clicking on the graphic above.

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