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When the Virtual Connection Goes Local

Toronto Meeting of Women with Online BusinessesWell I am pumped in a big way! I just met some wonderful new/old friends and my business focus just got a little sharper.  Let me explain…

For about 2 years I’ve belonged to a pretty active and engaged women’s small business networking group that has among its membership some of the most successful and recognized online business owners like Nicole Dean, Alice Seba, Leesa Barnes and owner Kelly McCausey.  The group is called Mom Masterminds and it’s a pretty unique destination on the net.

After joining this mentorship group in 2007 I learned how to take my daughter’s art business online, set up a website for my own marketing business and establish a blog–this one– for my 15-year passion about new urbanism.

Rarely does a day go by that I don’t check-in to our online discussion forum to see what questions are being asked or to ask one of my own or even just to welcome a new member.  But that’s just the business side of things.  While this group is about business, it’s also a network of women so you know we inevitably talk about “more” than business on our treasured discussion forums.

At any given time of the day someone may be feeling a little unmotivated because of family demands, someone else may have a sick child–whatever the personal need, our discussion forum has become a place to learn, unload and relax with “virtual” colleagues who in many cases have become friends.

That explains why my first experience hosting an in-person “meet-up” this past weekend in Toronto was like a meeting of old friends.  Our virtual connections went “local” when the group’s Michigan based owner Kelly McCausey with partner Lynette Chandler decided to add a local component to our online network of hundreds of women.  By encouraging local “Meet-ups” of members and non-members in cities across the U.S. and Canada we added one more great benefit to this group.

The information and resources offered through MM are targeted at new or established women entrepreneurs who really want to grow their business through best practices in Internet marketing.  In fact, one of the great treats about this recent local “Meet up” is that Kelly McCausey came in person to talk about the group and also shared her newly published book “The Complete Internet Marketing Moms Start Up Guide.”

This guide contains just about everything a new entrepreneur should know in order to plan, successfully launch and operate an Internet based business.  I feel so strongly about this book that I plan on sharing it at other venues in my own local community.  I know a lot of commuters, neighbours and frustrated professional women who would be interested in the options/choices this guide offers for those who want to work for themselves.

I learned so much from the women I met this weekend and I look forward to connecting in the short term with Leesa Barns, Imie Belanger, Lexi Rodrigo and Angela Wills 😉

Some pictures from our meet-up:

Mom Masterminds Meet-up in Torontodscf4156

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