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Through this Door a Community of Opportunity

You know that saying when the going gets tough the tough get going? Well that’s an appropriate term for the small business sector during these tough economic times.  A recent “60-minutes” television show reported that people are continuing to search out and secure loans and support for their entrepreneurial dreams even as the nation watches Wall St.’s biggest businesses and banks implode.

Why aren’t more of these new small business owners intimidated by the doom and gloom reported on the daily news?  I think it’s because the desire to have control over what they do, what they earn and how they live are strong motivational factors that serve to suppress certain kinds of fear and intimidation.

I also think it’s because many small business visionaries surround themselves with people who inspire and motivate them to follow their dreams.  Sometimes that empty bank account is all you need for motivation.  Other times it’s that late night conversation with a peer that understands your business or that timely bit advice from another friend that helps you to avoid an unnecessary business pitfall.

The challenge for some women seeking an entrepreneurial path is that they have children and other responsibilities that make conventional business mentorship groups a poor fit for them.  That’s why I am such a supporter and promoter for one of the most unique and effective womens mentorship groups on the web specifically for “moms in business.”

This online group is called Mom Masterminds and I’ve referred to this powerhouse source for mentorship and networking before in this blog.  In fact I even participated in a recent “impromptu” regional lunch we had last spring (you can see pictures here).

If you’ve been impacted by this current recession and are looking for some options to become self-employed you really should visit Mom Masterminds.  Perhaps you’ve been laid off or your husband/partner has lost a job or maybe you just need to find a way to improve your family budget–whatever the situation many of the women at Mom Masterminds have been there.

That’s the great thing about this particular mentorship group.  It’s a place to share experiences in building an online business from the ground up for the benefit of newbies and to get constructive feedback from peers who are at the same stage as you are in your business and experts who have been there.

In addition to the peer-to-peer sharing, there is an amazingly rich assortment of reference materials in the online multi-media library. This information is available to all members, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  From mp3 audios that you can listen to in your ipod to monthly webinars where we talk to one another and with experts about various business topics from marketing your online business to affiliate sales to starting a blog for profit.

Mom Masterminds offers a comprehensive array of information of interest to women like many of you reading this blog–women who have children and various other responsibilities and who share the common desire to work in their communities and to start a business of their own.

To help give you a better idea of exactly how practical and relevant these resources are,  Mom Masterminds offers a 7-day free preview so that you can browse through the membership center to see if the networking, consultative services and resources offered are what you need to get your business into gear…now.

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