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The Leisureville Alarm – Meet the Author

Last week I reviewed nationally acclaimed and New York Times reviewed book, Leisureville. In today’s podcast I have an interview with the book’s author Andrew Blechman.

A former Los Angeles Times reporter, Andrew Blechman conducted the most in-depth research into the retirement community boom in America. These aren’t just small, benign communities dotting the landscape here and there…some will approach over 100,000 and they are big business for developers. One more thing…children are not allowed (not without special permission and a pass and they better not be there beyond 30 days over the course of the YEAR).

Most importantly we have to ask what message will this leave for the youth of today and tomorrow? How will they feel to be excluded in this way and what will that mean for us as we grow old? Will they continue to support our pension and old age benefits system?

This is a podcast for everyone to listen to and as Andrew points out, especially moms!



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