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The Joy of Buying Locally

buy locally new urban momBuying locally is a great way to protect the vitality of your community. But should you feel “joy” in doing so? That’s your call but I can tell you that the impact on our communities from growth in local business sectors is so essential to our quality of life, that when it works, “joy” is a pretty decent qualifier.

When the big box retailers pushed out of business our local booksellers and mom and pop shops I cried. I know many of you did too. That change began maybe 25 years ago and we’ve moved on in the most productive ways possible.

We mourned, we organized and we took action. The New Urbanism movement began to have relevance to regular people who didn’t have graduate degrees in urban planning.

I started this blog as a way to share with my peers – families, moms, working people – the benefits associated with pushing for communities that offer environmentally friendly living with local places to work, socialize and learn for ourselves and our families.

I actually had an annual top 10 new urban communities list that I’m considering starting up again to make it easier for buyers and renters, families and recent grads to find the right city or neighborhood to create a healthy life and build a business or career.

When we’re committed to supporting our local businesses through our purchases we started a chain reaction that will have direct benefit for local residents now and most definitely in the future.

Read how these urban businesses are growing due to a focus on the needs of local markets and the people who live in there.

Before you shop today or later this week, think about where you’re shopping and decisions you can make to support your local vendors – it’s an investment in your community’s future and your own.




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