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Tell Me Thursday

I chose this picture of my two teens because they rarely hug like this anymore! They joke and laugh together, but since she became a more introspective teen his little goofy games started to get on her nerves. It would break my heart to see her shooing him away when he wanted to play frisbee, football or just annoy her the way little brothers tend to do (out of love).

I was even more taken aback when he took practically his whole paycheck from his part-time job to buy her a special high school graduation present. She’s an artist and will be majoring in that field at college in the fall. So little brother went and bought her a tablet and pen which allows you to manipulate images on the computer using a tool that functions much like a pen on paper (tablet).

Hannah was so excited when she opened his gift during our graduation party for her that she gave him a big hug and a kiss. What a change from the usual “get out of my room” greeting he normally gets!

My son William looks up to his big sister with pride and this picture just brought that all home for me. I love these two kids so much.


  1. What an awesome story behind that picture! It gave me goose bumps reading about how he took so much of his paycheck & bought her such a great gift. Now that’s awesome!

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