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New Urban Mom Podcast Show 10 – A Visionary Builder

Eat local, protect our green spaces, stop urban sprawl, rebuild our cities, drive less, work closer to home (or at home) – are all buzz words today that are making front page headlines in most major news papers across America. Listen in to today’s show as we talk to one of the leaders in the

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Work Local Option – Freelance

You’ve decided that new urbanism fits with your beliefs and focus on green living and vibrant, local communities. For many of you that means cutting the environmentally unfriendly commute to your daily job so that you can work in your community. The problem is no one is hiring where you live. What are some of

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Life is Too Short for Toxic Work

In the last year I have had four good friends become disillusioned and fed up with their 9-5 jobs and have either quit or come to a mutual decision with their managers to “part ways.” Four women in my small circle leaving high paid, professional career positions in one year. For me that is statistically

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