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Reality vs Fantasy – A Survey

This blog is all about the joys, challenges and opportunities of community life.  There is of course another community of which I’m a part and by extension so is this blog.  That’s the online community that includes bloggers, readers and the whole gamut of web 2.0 forums that help us to connect, interactively with one

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Tell Me Thursday

I chose this picture of my two teens because they rarely hug like this anymore! They joke and laugh together, but since she became a more introspective teen his little goofy games started to get on her nerves. It would break my heart to see her shooing him away when he wanted to play frisbee,

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Moms and Dads – Your Last Assignment: TEENS

After a child is born both parents and kids become the stars of the family. Hey we brought new life into the world and the future seems bright. Then come the comic years…toddlers and primary school aged kids are so cute. They do say the funniest things and they keep us in stitches as they

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