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3-Minute Video about New Urbanism

New urbanism is one of those concepts that can be difficult to grasp. It’s a term that’s not part of our daily conversation, yet its meaning is very much a part of what most people engage in every day. As someone who considers herself a black urbanist I think new urbanism is of increasing significance

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And…Action! Teens Calling the Shots

One of the things I love about our “new urban” town is the effort that community organizers put into engaging and focusing on the needs of all residents, from toddlers to seniors. Last year I published a post about the dangers of creating age specific or segregated communities, like those 55+ communities scattered across the

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Tough Economy Threatens Growth of New Urban Shopping Centers

After decades of dealing with the blandness of indoor mall shopping, new urban developers found a way to bring the joy of city sidewalk shopping and strolling to the suburbs with the creation of “new urban shopping centers.” Now further development of these shopping oases is being threatened because of the crumbling status of our

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