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The Community Garden Concept

Our neighborhood has homes situated on lots that are perfectly suitable for decent gardens.  That’s why I was surprised at the popularity of the community garden. I actually can’t confidently say I knew there was one. But yesterday my son spent his second visit there with a dear friend of our family who kindly invited

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Neighborly Chat – Try It

Are you one of those people who run hurriedly into the house/car/garage the minute you glance your neighbor next door? It’s okay to admit your neighbor phobia because of course you’re not alone. But really do you think it would be that bad if you were to stop and talk for a minute? I’m not

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Father’s Day Blossoms

Blossoms that we’ve been waiting to open all week decided to make their grand entrance on Father’s Day. How appropriate given the loving care that they’ve received from the Dad in this household. In today’s post I’ve included pictures of our just opening peonies and other blossoms including those from our weigela bush and the

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