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Time to Start Thinking about Holiday Entertaining, Gifts

I love this time of year.  I’m already thinking about decorating the house and getting all kinds of delicious goodies prepared for family and friends that I look forward to welcoming in the weeks ahead. For those of you who still consider this a bit early for holiday planning, then you must be really well

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Tell Me Thursday

I chose this picture of my two teens because they rarely hug like this anymore! They joke and laugh together, but since she became a more introspective teen his little goofy games started to get on her nerves. It would break my heart to see her shooing him away when he wanted to play frisbee,

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WW – Wordless Wednesday

Make sure to come back tomorrow for Tell Me Thursday when I’ll tell you the story behind this picture.

Father’s Day Blossoms

Blossoms that we’ve been waiting to open all week decided to make their grand entrance on Father’s Day. How appropriate given the loving care that they’ve received from the Dad in this household. In today’s post I’ve included pictures of our just opening peonies and other blossoms including those from our weigela bush and the

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The Sunday Recharge

We’ve had rain the last couple days and like most mornings following a rainy evening, it was slightly misty and very quiet and still outside. Usually the birds are up with me (5:00 a.m.) but this morning they seemed to be sleeping in. By about 5:45 their chirps became a little more frequent. For an

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