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A Contest for your Senses

UPDATE: **WE HAVE A WINNER** The winner of this beautiful Scentsy package is Arika Liddiard. Arika said in her comments that between toddlers and new babies, her home’s dirty diaper quotient is calling out for Scentsy’s safe and sweet smelling sensations. Congratulations Arika and thank you to Laurie Ayers of Scentsy for sponsoring July’s contest!

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We Have a Winner!

We received 56 entries for the Skimbaco $30 Gift Certificate giveaway! Many of you simply fell in love with Suri Cruise’s Lady Bug Shoes. But many others highlighted so many other great items sold by mom business owner, Katja Presnal, through her store Skimbaco. I wish there was a prize for every entrant as I’m

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Not Zuzu’s Petals but Suri’s LadyBug Shoes

If you’re not a fan of the classic movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” then the “Zuzu’s petals” reference in today’s post title will mean little to you. But if you are even partially conscious and watch television then you know all about Tom Cruise’s little girl Suri and his recent appearance on Oprah showing Suri’s

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