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Job Security, New Urbanism and Competing Communities

If we’ve learned anything from this global economic collapse it’s that the traditional indicators of security that we’ve grown accustomed to in many families-job for life, endless supply of cheap fuel, iron clad home equity values–are fleeting notions, at best. But is that a bad thing? If you have to move due to a new

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Show 14 – Career and Business Advice for Moms

Do you want your children to follow in your entrepreneurial footsteps? Better yet, do you dream of them taking your business to the next level? If you’re not entrepreneurial are you itching to find a way to get back into your career or into a new career? If any of the above apply to you

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Life is Too Short for Toxic Work

In the last year I have had four good friends become disillusioned and fed up with their 9-5 jobs and have either quit or come to a mutual decision with their managers to “part ways.” Four women in my small circle leaving high paid, professional career positions in one year. For me that is statistically

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