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Market Cities to Graduates

Hey there grand (but struggling) U.S. city with multiple colleges and universities in your midst, what are you doing to help keep in your cities those smart young people graduating from your schools? My daughter Hannah is about to graduate from a school in Cleveland, Ohio and then she’ll be leaving the state to return

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Black Business Women Online – Good News

Before I get to the good news…some background. As black urbanist and entrepreneur I belong to a lot of different groups online that include moms in business groups, eco-friendly living groups and other groups that combine various interests with culture like the Black Business Women Online (BBWO) community. I first met BBWO owner, LaShanda Henry

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3-Minute Video about New Urbanism

New urbanism is one of those concepts that can be difficult to grasp. It’s a term that’s not part of our daily conversation, yet its meaning is very much a part of what most people engage in every day. As someone who considers herself a black urbanist I think new urbanism is of increasing significance

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