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Show #6 Eating Locally and Inspired Organization

Today’s show is really special because we’ve got great tips, a wonderful guest and a chance for listeners to win an iPod!! Read on…

Our weekly community update will discuss the environmental cost of NOT eating local and ways in which you can be more of an “eat local” advocate in your community.

The featured Mom for today’s show is popular mompreneur Alyssa Avant who’ll talk about her newest venture for women who need organization in their lives.

We’ll also feature our first podcast CONTEST courtesy of Moms Talk Radio. You’ll want to ensure you listen to today’s show so that you can hear and write down the Secret Phrase that you’ll need to win the Mom’s Talk Contest “I didn’t get an iPod for Mother’s Day and I Really, Really Wanted One!” The lucky winner of this contest will receive a Pink 8 gig iPod Nano!

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If you’d like to access this podcast, please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.  Due to space restrictions (it’s costly!) I’ve had to remove some of the older podcasts.


  1. […] other podcast I am going to be a guest on is “The New Urban Mom Podcast” Sharon’s topic is “Inspired Organization”. Both of these are interviews and I thank both Marie Ynami of Mommyfest and Sharon McMillian of New […]

  2. Just so you know……we get beef from a steer…a steer is an “altered” or fixed bull.
    I grew up on a farm, plus raised registered livestock with my husband for about 10 years.

  3. Thank you Susan!! I learn something new every week from this blog! Wait till I quiz the family tonight over dinner – I’m going to dazzle them with my knowledge of steer!

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