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Reality vs Fantasy – A Survey

This blog is all about the joys, challenges and opportunities of community life.  There is of course another community of which I’m a part and by extension so is this blog.  That’s the online community that includes bloggers, readers and the whole gamut of web 2.0 forums that help us to connect, interactively with one another.

In the spirit of connection I’m responding to a Blog Reader Challenge put on by Kelly McCausey of WAHMTalkRadio.  Kelly blogs over at WAHM2.0 on the Sparkplugging blog network. Yesterday she issued a challenge to bloggers asking for the community to blog about one or more topics listed in the challenge, including the following choice question:

What do you wish your kids would say to you?

Well…as my son enters his Junior year at high school and my daughter prepares for college, here’s what I wish my kids would say to me (the realist):

Son (as he arrives home from high school): Hi mom! I had a great day at school 🙂 The assistance you gave me last night as I did my trigonometry homework was superb! You didn’t confuse me at all and I shall come to you always with my homework when I need to hear the voice of wisdom.

Daughter (as she returns to residence after class):  Hi Mom – I decided to call you long distance to tell you what a wonderful day I had!  My professors were so engaging – I can’t wait to get into my homework.  There is some freshman party tonight at the student pub that I have no interest in attending as, after all, I’m still underage and there may be drinking there.  Plus I don’t like  all the noise and raucous behavior that will distract me from my scholarly endeavors.  Anyhow, I love you and I kiss the picture of you and Dad every night before I go to sleep (after saying my prayers). Love you!

Okay, that about does it.  That’s what I’d like my kids to say to me 🙂


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