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Show#5 – Buying A Home in Today’s Market


homeThe current mortgage crisis has many of us concerned about real estate. Is this a good time to get a deal on a house? For those renting, is this a good time to enter the housing market? To help us examine the pros and cons of buying or NOT buying a home today, is real estate agent, Carole Cohen with Howard Hanna Smythe Cramer.

Also included in this weeks show is a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you determine which hints you’ll leave around the house!

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  1. Excellent guest & information! I know many of us have been debating on these very questions or are in the process of jumping in but aren’t sure if it’s a great idea. =)

  2. Awesome topic. The more I read about this, the convinced-er I get that renting is the best choice for me. I know too many people for whom buying a home is stupid.

    I’ve learned a ton from the, but articles stating that buying a home is a poor investment – if it’s an investment at all – for most people are popping up everywhere now.

  3. Carrie, you sound like a very thoughtful person and seriously, I know many people who have happily rented for over ten years before they decided to buy a home; and a few who don’t ever want to stop renting.

    Sharon I thank you for the opportunity to share a discussion with you and btw I love the Andy Warhol/photo fiddle idea I will be looking into it!

  4. Also I want to correct something I said on the podcast, the Shaker Rapid is definitely one of the oldest in the U.S. but it’s NOT over 100 years old lol. It was first up and running, apparently, in 1913.

  5. I think if you are weighing your odds in renting and owning without the investment factor, you are definitely better off. Especially when you shop based on your needs and living within your means. We all have different needs and reasons for one choice or the other. Some needs can’t be met with rent options.

    I’ve found a wonderful older home that foreclosed that will meet the needs of my children and myself until they are grown. It’s nothing fancy but it has everything necessary and located within a manageable walking distance of school, shopping, medical and more. We’ll also be able to grow that garden. =)

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