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Pedestrian Day

Today as we were in town looking for a new dining room table, my husband reminded me that May 30 is “Pedestrian Day” in our community.

Now we have all kinds of “special days” but I was unfamiliar with that one.  After all we live in a community that celebrates walkable spaces all year round.

But perhaps I’m too close to the issue.  One of the reasons the new urbanism lifestyle has such a stronghold where we live is precisely because we talk about it so much.

I don’t mean the residents talk about it all the time, but rather those who champion this lifestyle make it their job to promote, promote, promote.

I can’t blame them, it doesn’t take much for tastes to change. For example I understand “golf communities” that were all the rage throughout the 1990’s and early part of the 2000’s are now very much “out of style.”

Perhaps the fall of Tiger Woods and the similarly bad behavior of Wall Street companies have together served to put a damper on golf given the close association of those two media headlines with the sport.

Of course that’s a huge assumption on my part (though it has me thinking…). Essentially my point is really just to say that we can never get too slack about something so important as the health, vitality and sustainability of our community life. Where we work, play and raise our families is core to our existence and our happiness.

What day are you going to make pedestrian day in your community (hint, hint)!

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