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Our Kids are Practicing What They Preach

Thanks to an innovative “social web design site” called NetGenDesign I was introduced to a video that got me thinking in new ways about the generation that defines my children–the Millennials.  The information shared wasn’t all that new but the video presentation really helped to drive home the message in ways that impressive authors and witty columnist hadn’t.

These kids, our children, will be inheriting the most debt of any generation before them along with some of the worst global issues ever.

Just as I was about to slump in resignation, guilt and sorrow about the legacy we’ve left our kids, the video  shifted its focus to other realities.  Come 2016 these Millennials will form the largest voting block in North America.

Collectively they are the most culturally diverse, volunteer oriented, anti-war focused, environmentally sensitive and technologically brilliant of any generation to date.

What I ultimately took from this video is that this generation that we’re raising will be uniquely ready for the challenges facing them.

It’s as if we created a generation specifically wired for the mess we left them.

Take a look a look at this video and see what you think:

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