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Obama Pushes Better Parenting, Education for America’s Future

naacp_blog_lj-0533I’ve just finished listening to President Barack Obama’s address at the NAACP’s 100th anniversary convention in New York. The address was delivered on July 16 and once again I have to thank YouTube for helping so many more of us to get the message from folks who really have something to say.

President Obama’s message, though targeted to African Americans, really spoke to all Americans.  Education, engaged parenting and health care is the key to the U.S.’s journey back to leading nation status.  America use to lead in the world in the number of college educated graduates. I don’t doubt that when that stat was current the U.S. also was the leader in the auto industry and scientific innovation.

For more on the link between education, innovation and the strength of our economic future read my posts on another one of my new urbanism heroes, Richard Florida.

Education needs investment. Period. It will never end because that is the nature of education. As long as we have young people needing to learn, we’ll need to invest in education.  So please will those people who have a BIG problem about the hundreds of millions being poured into education, please stop calling for the cease in investment and instead participate in discussions that will look at ways to utilize the investment effectively.

But it is not not just monetary investment that is needed but creative and intellectual investment to improve the way education in delivered.  President Obama points out the importance of giving our kids a world-class education – they can not compete without it.  I would think offering a world-class education to our children is within the capabilities of the most powerful nation on earth.

Maybe now with this President- a new urbanism advocate if ever there was one – we can take steps to REALLY chip away at the education problem.

For those with no children or those who are more so concerned about business opportunity, I hear you as I’m just as concerned.  But we need smart people to employ in our businesses and good people in our communities to make our corporate initiatives thrive.

Without good schools to prepare our kids for college and a comprehensive health care system to keep us all working, healthy and SOLVENT, our communities and businesses will most definitely suffer – no matter if you live in the country or the city.

Here’s the link to the President’s address – it really is message for ALL of us.

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