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New Urban Mom Entrepreneurs

carrienew07.jpgI’d like you to meet Carrie Lauth (pictured here). Carrie is a natural living specialist and host of the popular internet radio program, Natural Moms Talk Radio. I posted about Carrie today because she’s written an exceptional business guide that I think many new urban moms will appreciate, especially if you’re thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.

As a new urbanist, I’m so thankful be living in a town that makes it easy for me and my family to access natural products and services. I’ve already posted about our farmers’ markets that help urbanites like me to feast on the best regionally grown and developed produce and products. Deciding to buy food that is grown locally is gratifying because I know its good for my family and my community.

But for many savvy new urban moms and other women the desire to live green is about more than what we eat and buy it’s about how we work.

There are many women making the transition to working in the green or “natural business” economy by creating their own businesses. Examples abound and include writers, gardeners, lactation consultants, nutritionists, event organizers, marketers, researchers, natural cosmetic consultants, home decor consultants, caterers and many other specialists and experts who are part of the growing natural business sector. If this is something you’re thinking about then I think there’s a guide that you really ought to take some time to read.

The Natural Mom Business Guide is an exceptional resource that I read in one hungry sitting. If you’re ready for a practical, step-by-step business guide for setting up your natural family living business click here.


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