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New Urbanism comes to Hollywood…Florida

The town of Hollywood, Florida is just about ready to approve the construction of an “urban village” that will cost upwards of $500 million. This ought to have some impact on efforts to curb urban sprawl by keeping/attracting residents to more urbanized areas of this region.

Even though this Florida development is described as the model of the future “that will feature connected network of streets accommodating pedestrians, cars and bicycles” it still had to overcome significant concerns of county and city governments and local residents before getting to this final stage of approval.

That’s a point worth noting in order to manage some expectations. One of the reasons that new urbanism has had a slow but steady growth over the last 18 years or so is that it requires appropriate infrastructure and “communications” to ensure sustainability and community buy in.

Introducing a high density project to a neighborhood isn’t always greeted with open arms and that’s no surprise. Visions of crowded spaces and noise come to mind and no one wants that.

What we do want, however, is a cleaner environment and a way to reduce costly commutes to work. Over the years architects and community planners have come up with increasingly better designs that build on the strengths of urban living while finding ways to incorporate green space and other features that support a healthier lifestyle. Those improvements are converting more naysayers into new urban champions.

To read more about Hollywood, Florida’s newest new urban community click here.

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