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New Urbanism and Working at Home

I remember back when my two kids were toddlers. I wanted to work from home…so I did.

But I was an “early adapter” for my “working mom” group back then.  I nabbed onto the idea that I could keep my professional ambitions alive and be home with my kids.

I used our computer to connect with other like-minded women online at sites like and in discussion forums hosted by CompuServe (if you remember CompuServe then you now know how “old school” I am!).

Anyhow the quick point I want to make is that I did my research and found out about concepts like telecommuting that supported me in my efforts to successfully pitch to my employer an idea he had never heard of (telecommuting).

I got to keep a job I loved and work from home. That was my goal and I went after it with everything I had.

Today it is so much easier to start a business at home – especially if it is Internet based and especially if you land upon a resource created for businesses like yours (more on that later).

Even if your business isn’t internet based (you sell your products or services from a store front or commercial office) you still need to have a strategy in place to find the place where most of your clients/customers can be found and that “place” is “online.”

Small Business StudyFor that very important reason I started a business based from my home called “Small Business Study.” I wanted to create a comfortable place on the web for busy entrepreneurs and start-ups to pop-in and find just the right kind of tactical guides and reference information they need to market and operate their businesses online.

I could go on and on here but you really need to visit the website at  This is a “membership website” and membership is free!

All you need to do is sign up for one of our free memberships and you’ll get instant access to the information there.  From information about electronic shopping carts to YouTube marketing,  each month ebooks, newsletters and audio materials are are uploaded for the benefit of our small business members.

I hope you’ll visit and let me know what you think of this service.

See you in the “study!”


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