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Listen to Win Your ipod

Mother's Day ipod ContestDid you not get the memo about Moms receiving ipods for Mother’s Day? Don’t worry I didn’t either and neither did my family!

Hope springs eternal…there’s a chance you might still get that ipod as a winner in the Mom’s Talk Radio “I didn’t Get an ipod and I Really Wanted One” contest.

As you know, the New Urban Mom Podcast is a proud member of the Mom’s Talk Radio network. This is a network of podcast programs geared to moms and those interested in these family/lifestyle topics.

If you’d like to win click here to listen to the New Urban Mom podcast containing the SECRET PHRASE…

Once you’ve got the phrase visit the Mom’s Talk Radio site to enter.  Remember you have to listen to win. Every phrase you get from a Mom’s Talk Network podcast is another opportunity to win that iPod. Good luck!


  1. I think that so far this is my favorite contest Kelly has put together! I can’t wait to start listening to the shows to hear the secret phrases…too fun!

    I’ll be tuning in tomorrow for your new show 🙂

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