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Let’s Do Lunch

I love the Internet and the way it has helped us to quickly access information, manage and launch small businesses and meet friends and business colleagues from around the world.

The one minor draw back is that some of us miss that face-to-face connection – that “personal” element.

Really all it takes is one person to start the ball rolling. In this case Small Business Branding’s Vera Raposo (3rd from right in the picture above) told a few of us from the Mom Masterminds business network that she was traveling from her west coast location to Toronto – a location that was pretty accessible for some members like me.

We met in one of my favorite new urbanism towns πŸ˜‰ (Unionville) and spent almost 4 hours catching up!

The best part is not only were we able to do some business (I may have found a new branding consultant!) but we were also able to get to know each other a bit better as colleagues and friends.

If you’ve got a small business you’ll want to ensure you visit Vera Raposo’s Small Business Branding website. If you need graphic design and branding work done by an expert that understands not only big business projects but the small business and online marketplace as well, you’ll want to visit Ed Roach’s The Branding Experts website – in case you have difficulty identifying “Ed” he’s the one at the far left in the picture above πŸ™‚ .

If you’re a busy mom looking for financial management, stress relief ideas and solid life and business coaching support you must visit Sarah Zeldman’s Solutions for Busy Mom’s website (Sarah’s the one on the far right in the picture above). If you are a home based business owner or anyone looking for quality products and services that you can locate from one convenient location, you should visit Imelda Belanger’s I Shop At Home site where her motto is: “Shop from your Seat not from Your Feet” (I love that tag line – no wonder she’s the one with the stylish bag in the picture above – she shops well!). Finally, every business owner or busy enterprise needs an efficient administrator to manage operations – if you need a seasoned virtual assistant who is also an expert internet marketing manager, you’ll want to contact Angela Wills of StarVa (in the picture above, Angela is 2nd from the right) .

I’m just so pumped from my meeting with these fantastic business owners. Thanks to the Internet for bringing us together virtually and for the spirit we’re all blessed with that never lets us forget the joy to be experienced from being in real community and close proximity to one another!


  1. Thanks for the link Sharon πŸ˜‰

    It was so great meeting you and we’ll definitely have to get together again! I wish I could have stayed longer but at least I got to come πŸ™‚


  2. Looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful time. It’s so wonderful when we can get together with our online friends. I look forward to meeting quite a few more here in the Chicago area in the coming months. Great picture of the group too.

  3. Great write up Sharon! And thank you for organizing the meeting. The location was perfect and everyone had a great time. I know I did!

    I can’t wait for our next meet up:)

  4. You’re killing me Sharon – I laughed out loud when I read, “…in case you have difficulty identifying β€œEd” he’s the one at the far left in the picture above” I better start eating my Wheaties!

    As the lone guy at the meeting, I had a great time. You all had a super sense of humour. Meeting Vera put a personality to a name , as we converse weekly due to the fact that I write for Vera’s Small Business Branding site. You were all very inspirational. I’m glad I took the effort to meet up.

    I recognize that I am missing some criteria to be a mastermind Mom, but all the same, I’m sure we’ll meet up again some day.


    LaTara – I take exception to that DIVA comment πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful photo and details on your lunch.

    Oh, how fun to see all you WONDERFUL Mom Masterminds! – and Ed of course (I laughed at your comment, Ed!!).

    I have met Vera, and I feel like I know all of you even though we haven’t met.

    Here’s my photo from lunch in April with Mom Masterminds Vera and Alice

    What a privilege to know all of you!

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