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It’s Very Cool to Go Local

New Urban Mom Markham Jazz Festival August 2011

Our Local Jazz Festival brings revenue to many local businesses, including the venue, our local art gallery and the food courtesy of one of our local restaurants.

I can’t recall when in recent memory there has been such a concerted effort to build up the local economy. The teetering global economy no doubt has a lot to do with this trend.

While being interconnected on a global scale has done amazing things to raise awareness about the needs of our human community, the impact of global trading on our local economies has been a mixed blessing.

We’ve seen enough 60-Minutes TV specials on the impact of big box stores on the demise of the mom and pop shops in our communities, but perhaps we’re in for another change…the re-emergence of the local entrepreneur.

The local food craze and new urbanism are making it cool to work, shop, play and do business close to home.  A few years ago that was a concept for the communities and cities that had their act together through chance or the will of a few.

Now “going local” has gone mainstream and we have politicians passing legislation to make it easier to start and thrive in fast growing local businesses making the best of current commercial trends like “urban agriculture.”

Just last week the Mayor of New York, Michael R. Bloomberg, passed legislation to support and protect businesses that fall under the urban agriculture category. That’s one of the few times the Big Apple followed the trend of smaller

Jazz Festival Singer Moralis

Jazz in our Town at the McKay Art Center

cities setting the pace for urban agriculture…cities like Cleveland.  Read the article I wrote about Cleveland’s experience in the Initiative for Competitive Inner Cities‘ blog.

I’m feeling a chain reaction here and I’m hoping this is just the beginning. Go local!!


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