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Halloween holiday hotel

Halloween Holiday

There are some people in my neighborhood who started putting out goblins and other scary Halloween fare as early as the first week of October. To me that’s a little early but for some who can’t get enough of Halloween it’s simply divine!  I think I understand this early-bird enthusiasm.

Why live with the ordinary when with a little creativity you can enjoy some of the extraordinary during this magical time of year? If you’re a Halloween fan perhaps it’s time to do something really creative by taking your family or inviting a friend on a trip to some of the beautifully historic but wonderfully haunting hotels located throughout the country.

Halloween isn’t typically a time of year when we travel because so many of us get excited about handing out candies to children trick or treating in our own neighborhoods. Others like to host parties for friends. I’ve done and enjoyed both types of Halloween festivities but I have to tell you that I’ve never thought about travelling to enjoy Halloween in another location.  As I think about it, travelling to a new locale makes perfect sense – especially for those of us with grown children who want to feel the excitement of the season again.

I love a good story – especially when it’s associated with a real place, so the idea of spending Halloween in a hotel with a haunting story sounds appealing.

Now by haunting, I don’t mean doors swinging off hinges or dusty lampshades. I mean truly beautiful and comfortable hotels with interesting spooky stories and legends associated with them.

From Boston to San Diego and many cities and states in between there are unique and historic hotels that you’re bound to enjoy during this lovely autumn season.

The best part is you don’t have to spend hours surfing the internet for the right kind of property because I’ve got the information for you you right here – click on the link below to learn more:

Legends & History:  5 Haunted U.S. Hotels

Sometimes thinking of extraordinary things to do at this time of year just needs a little inspiration.  Do you have any fun traditions you do this time of year with family or friends? Please share in the spirit of good Halloween fun!

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