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Graduation Joy

HannahGradWhat makes our communities so special are the interests we share and the bonds that develop because of it. Don’t underestimate it. Those bonds help to shape your community in ways that can enhance your family’s development, build your career or business, and ultimately help the wider community at large.

Last night I witnessed how the love of community and friendship really shapes a young person for the future. Our eldest graduated from high school. Yes that was an emotional moment. Not only was my little baby graduating from the very school I graduated from more than 2 decades ago, but I saw in her and her friends the same joy, excitement and anticipation for the future that I had so long ago and carry with me to this day.

As the valedictorian for her class said “We’re at the peak of our lives!”. She encouraged her “sisters” to be kind and compassionate citizens of the world and to remember their training and preparation to be responsible and conscious women in a world that needs them.

This is a community of young women who are going to change the face of the world for the better – just like millions of other young people around the world.

As I looked at my daughter hugging her girlfriends with all her might, I felt joy in the community she was blessed to be part of during her 4 years of high school and such appreciation for the common bond they built that was not only about themselves but about all that they plan to give as loving people and stewards of this world.

Congratulations to Hannah Jane and the SJMP Graduating Class of 2008!


  1. Congrats to your daughter and you for raising a wonderful young woman! 🙂 Graduation stories make me cry…my baby sister graduated this year and I bawled like a baby as she received her diploma.

  2. Ah I know what you went through Arika…time just flies. One minute our darlings our tugging on our skirt for something or the other and the next minute their waving good bye as they go off on their own to discover the world.

  3. Congrats to your daughter and to you! I was teary as my eldest “graduated” from 5th grade…no doubt I’ll be a mess in 7 more years at her high school graduation 🙂

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