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Father’s Day Blossoms

Peonies openingBlossoms that we’ve been waiting to open all week decided to make their grand entrance on Father’s Day. How appropriate given the loving care that they’ve received from the Dad in this household.

In today’s post I’ve included pictures of our just opening peonies and other blossoms including those from our weigela bush and the other bush beside it with the cream colored blossoms that I can’t remember the name of at the moment…Feel free to post if you recognize this plant.

OurPorchSunny Sunday’s like today make me wish for year-round weather like this. I know come August I’ll change my tune as soon as I sense the brisk changes in the breeze that signal fall is coming. I love fall. But for now I’m so in love with this warm, hazy weather and the colorful explosion of blossoms that makes our garden come alive!

I hope you had a moment to share some warm words or thoughts with or about your father today.


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