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Effective Crusading for New Urbanism

Toronto is one of the busiest metropolitan regions in the world yet it has one of the most under-built transit systems for a city its size – and growing. Today’s post features a journalist who’s a known local crusader for new urbanism ideals. He provides practical (and visual) insight into the issues and strategies for improving transit, community life and this city as a whole.

For too many political reasons, transit has never been the financial priority it should be for a world class city like Toronto.  Until now.  City officials are about to make some major changes to help move people more efficiently and get at least 20-25 per cent of the cars off the road. But they are unfortunately very close to repeating some of the ridiculous transit mistakes they’ve made in the past.

I’ll stop trying to explain the situation and let you listen as the Toronto Star’s urban critic, Christopher Hume, fills you in.

Toronto Star – Christopher Hume Video – Eglinton LRT

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