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Demand for Gas At a Five Year Low in the U.S.

It has finally happened.  The high cost of fuel and a tanking economy has caused Americans to make significant changes in how we regard and use fuel.

Ron Planting an analyst with Washington-based American Petroleum Institute told that “We’re driving less, using more public transportation and buying more fuel-efficient vehicles.” He adds: “There are people combining trips.  There’s no limit to the creativity that people will apply to how to save some fuel.”

The Internet will have had its part to play in making it easier for consumers to pick up tips on how to save at the gas pump and in their daily lives.   Sites like Susanne Myer’s Hillbilly Housewife which attracts over 300,000 visitors a month, shares all kinds of common sense, frugal living tips that consumers are craving.

Here at New Urban Mom we’ve been promoting the buy local mantra for a while.  My friend over at Terra Not Terror offers almost daily tips on the newest energy saving practices and products that can not only save you money but help to save the environment.

More good news – if you’re a new urbanist who has decided to try to work closer to home (or at home) or if you’re just trying to build up your local community or urban center to be a thriving and sustainable place for residents and visitors, then this is encouraging news during a pretty tense time.

More and more people are looking at where they live a little differently now.  Fuel dependency can make us feel powerless…but not anymore, not when we know there are actions we can take to reduce our usage (buy local, work locally, etc.).

In June Americans scaled back their driving by almost five per cent in response to rising fuel prices.   We are  experiencing the biggest six-month drop in U.S. petroleum demand in 26 years.

Pretty amazing.


  1. I bought my Prius a couple years ago when I saw the price of gas rapidly trending upward – it was (is) rather an expensive car to own, but with 46mpg average for me, it’s definitely worth the price. Spoke to my kids about turning off lights, watching running water and the like around the house. If we all work together on this we can make a difference.

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