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Curb Appeal

This house looks like it might be located in a rural community when actually it’s located in my suburban city – a city that has embraced new urbanism.

The home is a heritage home that was renovated by someone I know to reflect the entire Main St. neighborhood which celebrates the region’s heritage.

Interestingly enough this heritage area is at the heart of a town that is known as the technology capital of Canada.

Combining the old with the new within the context of new urbanism has resulted in a mix of housing and businesses that are attractive, liveable, and accessible with plenty of curb appeal.

Wouldn’t we all want to walk more if everything had great curb appeal?

What makes a home or business generate “curb appeal”? It’s more than a pricey landscape or designer windows.  Instead it’s more a deliberate effort on the part of the community to build/generate through smart planning and communication with owners/renters a sense of belonging and welcoming that treasures above all else quality of life.

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