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Community Profile: Angus Glen

Today I received a newsletter announcing that one of my favorite communities, Angus Glen, was recently awarded the “Places to Grow Community of the Year” award from the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) in Toronto. As you know I’m not a fan of developer- or planner-speak, so I’m going to break down what this means for the target audience – home buyers or renters like you.

When socially and environmentally conscious consumers purchase or rent a home they typically look for communities that embrace smart growth, environmental preservation, useful recreational amenities, welcoming streetscapes and attractive architecture. In other words communities rooted in new urbanism design principles.

Bandstand NewUrbanMomEven if you aren’t entirely sure what some of these terms mean, e.g. “smart growth”, you likely have  a general idea of what these attributes mean to your lifestyle.  Smart growth generally means the community is designed to accommodate higher densities comfortably so as to protect our rural lands. The other attributes work together to support a living experience that is healthy for the mind and body and that offers aesthetically pleasing and welcoming design that encourages friendly connections between neighbors. Design features that go far in helping to bring people together are features like front porches and inviting central areas where people can gather to talk, socialize and relax (for example a band stand like the one in our community that is featured in the picture at right).

Porch Angus Glen NewUrbanMom

Angus Glen

So now let’s understand what makes Angus Glen an award winning community as explained in the current issue of Kylemore Communities’ Village Life magazine (Summer 2013):

The ability to walk and enjoy a quick meal or run errands is such a benefit to families, and The Shoppes of Angus Glen offers that opportunity.  New businesses that will soon join the existing TD Bank and Tim Hortons in this retail/commercial centre are Dr. Lung dentistry, a dry cleaner, convenience store, La Moore Beauty Spa, Angus Glen Montessori School, and Wild Wing restaurant.

The addition of these new businesses brings us a step closer to fulfilling our master-plan objectives established in 1997 and recently recognized by the industry association.

To learn more about what makes this new urbanist community work so well for residents, visit


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