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Neighborhood Impressions

Think about your childhood, your college years, your first apartment…your first love. Of course people make the memory but wouldn’t you say the “place”…the neighborhood in which these hings occurred is integral to your experience and memories? That warm sense of “place” is a vital aspect of new urbanism that for me resonates most with

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Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Household

Are you using reusable bags at the grocery store? Have you changed the bulbs in your home to energy efficient ones? Many of you are probably nodding in agreement and still others are “on their way there.” In many cases where we’re not as energy efficient as we’d like it has nothing to do with

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Morning Walk to the Farmers’ Market

This morning I arose to all sorts of work to do for clients.  Speech to write, newsletter to edit and a few reports to complete. As I had just returned from a 1 1/2 day Seminar that was great but included lots of eating and sitting, I felt I was overdue for a good walk.

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Our Kids are Practicing What They Preach

Thanks to an innovative “social web design site” called NetGenDesign I was introduced to a video that got me thinking in new ways about the generation that defines my children–the Millennials.  The information shared wasn’t all that new but the video presentation really helped to drive home the message in ways that impressive authors and

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Demand for Gas At a Five Year Low in the U.S.

It has finally happened.  The high cost of fuel and a tanking economy has caused Americans to make significant changes in how we regard and use fuel. Ron Planting an analyst with Washington-based American Petroleum Institute told that “We’re driving less, using more public transportation and buying more fuel-efficient vehicles.” He adds: “There are

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New Urban Mom Podcast Show 10 – A Visionary Builder

Eat local, protect our green spaces, stop urban sprawl, rebuild our cities, drive less, work closer to home (or at home) – are all buzz words today that are making front page headlines in most major news papers across America. Listen in to today’s show as we talk to one of the leaders in the

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Squirrel Man’s Wife

My husband is following me on my journey to being green in our new urbanism community, but he is no treehugger…yet. That’s why I was excited (at least initially) with his developing interest in our “wild life.” I don’t know if it has to do with hitting the big “40” (a little while ago) but

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Going from 2 Cars to 1 – The Green Family Way

It has been almost a year since we decided to forgo being a 2-car family. Some of the benefits we’ve realized have been pretty significant and they are not all financial. First the obvious. Having one car payment versus two has saved us a significant amount over the year. But it has taken some change

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Podcast Show #4 – Hot Tips for Green Living & Business Growth

Not quite sure how to adopt green living behaviors into your life? You’ll want to listen to today’s show for the introductory green living primer – a short and easy overview of some practices you can start making a part of your regular routine. And for business owners: Growing your business 10 helpful tips. Share

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