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New Urbanism in Pictures

There are thousands documents online and in print that explain, clarify, and defend new urbanism.  I’ve always put forward the notion that the best way to promote new urbanism is to engage the very people who are meant to “buy into” this way of living. Homeowners and renters like you and I. Today’s post is

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Caribbean Indulgence

Since we’re in the midst of winter I thought I’d indulge myself with some pictures from a country I love to visit. Jamaica. It’s also the birthplace of my parents and where we sent my home for her final rest after her sad and unexpected death last year (cancer is a terrible, terrible thing). One

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Scary New Mom Skills

Happy Hallowe’en! If you’re a mom of little ones getting ready for a fun evening of trick or treating – savour those moments! These are the easier aspects of parenting, though it might not seem that way just yet. There was a time when I thought that once my kids entered university, I’d be on

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That Early Morning Phone Call

See that little girl in the picture? That’s the 3-year old me. I’m sitting between my parents and while I’m decades away from that picture the anxiety in my facial expression is something I feel today. (By the way I had to go to the bathroom in this picture and if you knew me then

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Looks Like I’m Becoming My Mother

My mother is my rock and my love…and she drives me a little crazy.  She’s knows me like no one else but she also misunderstands like no other person on earth.  But that doesn’t really matter because she’s my mother not my girlfriend. Now when I had my kids I just knew in my mind

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Holiday Sale for Shop Local Champions

Now you can include in your “shop local” list – New Urban Mom sponsors! Well that is if you’re buying for babies or toddlers in your circle of family and friends. One of our site sponsors, Ambajam, is offering a 25% discount off of their ENTIRE collection (items already on sale are excluded). So if

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Tell Me Thursday

I chose this picture of my two teens because they rarely hug like this anymore! They joke and laugh together, but since she became a more introspective teen his little goofy games started to get on her nerves. It would break my heart to see her shooing him away when he wanted to play frisbee,

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WW – Wordless Wednesday

Make sure to come back tomorrow for Tell Me Thursday when I’ll tell you the story behind this picture.

Getting Ready to Send a Teen to College

This blog is a resource and I hope an inspiration for making our communities places that encourage positive and healthy growth for ourselves, our families and our businesses. Is it any wonder then that I feel so conflicted about the rite of passage that so many of us go through when it comes time to

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Graduation Joy

What makes our communities so special are the interests we share and the bonds that develop because of it. Don’t underestimate it. Those bonds help to shape your community in ways that can enhance your family’s development, build your career or business, and ultimately help the wider community at large. Last night I witnessed how

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