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Working close to home is one of the ways to improve not just the quality of our lives but the quality of our natural environment.

A shorter commute requires less fuel and might even be walkable. The challenge, however, is that all too often the jobs we have are not located close to where we live. So 1-2 hour commutes are not uncommon for far too many people.

What does this do to our family or personal lives? It takes away from the quality of life we can enjoy with the people that mean the most to us in life.

It’s for this reason that many individuals have made the decision to find a way to replace their employment income with their own small or “solo” business. ┬áSmall Businesses are in fact the fastest growing segment of the business sector.

The Internet has made the decision to go entrepreneurial even easier and more affordable. With the right strategy and approach thousands of companies have been able to market and deliver goods and services to customers through forums and conduits that are completely online, at a cost far below more traditional means of marketing.

Here are some resources to consider to help you in your quest to become entrepreneurial and to improve the quality of your life:

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