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Black Business Women Online – Good News

Before I get to the good news…some background. As black urbanist and entrepreneur I belong to a lot of different groups online that include moms in business groups, eco-friendly living groups and other groups that combine various interests with culture like the Black Business Women Online (BBWO) community.

BBWO Owner, LaShanda Henry

I first met BBWO owner, LaShanda Henry on Cafemom about 5 or 6 years ago as we were both exploring ways to grow our networks and businesses online while raising children. She has gone on to grow her strong burgeoning network to over 10 thousand members!

Here’s the good news (or more good news): This morning I read on my friend Regina Baker’s Facebook page that LaShanda¬† struck a great deal with Black Enterprise (the leading print and online publication for black business in America) and I’ll reprint LaShanda’s announcement from the BBWO website below:

Black Enterprise forms content partnership with Black Business Women Online, the number one social network for women entrepreneurs of color. Starting January 2011, the BBWO network and official blog ( will include exclusive and featured content from Black in the areas of entrepreneurship, careers, small business, and personal finance. Members will also receive updates on BE events and opportunities ideal for black professionals and minority business owners.

As the creator of the BBWO Network, my mission has always been to keep black business women connected and informed about various resources, opportunities, and small business strategies that can help to improve their entrepreneurial endeavors. I feel this new partnership is truly the perfect synergy because it will only help to further inform and support the thousands of women entrepreneurs who join and network on Black Business Women Online everyday.

I want to congratulate LaShanda with everything I have.  I remember when she was just starting her business I enjoyed picking up her resources as they were so relevant and she was so passionate about her work.  I believe she had just completed her degree and had a toddler at home and really just wanted to live her life in a way that would allow her to have some financial independence through entrepreneurship and at the same time have the choice of raising her child at home while building her dream.

And she did it!! Make sure you visit her blog at or join her business network at

I hope this inspires you in your dreams as we prepare to welcome in a new and prosperous year!

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