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Big Ideas for Small Cities

Guest Blog Post By Amy McGinnis

I’m a mom of two, passionate cyclist and locavore, and can’t remember a time when the philosophy and principles of New Urbanism didn’t feel like self-evident truths to me – certainly I was a believer long before I knew it existed as an actual Concept.

I also love to connect people. Be it with another person, a job opportunity,  a new restaurant or anything else that comes to mind as a great fit, few things bring me the satisfaction that a good connect does.

I’ll spend an hour tracking down someone I met at a party weeks ago to tell them about a house d I just heard might be going on the market in their neighborhood of choice. And when I met my husband, my first thought was, “Great guy – who can I set him up with?”

So today, I’d like to connect you with an amazing event that’s getting ready to happen in my city October 27 -29.

CityWorks (X)po is an interactive summit of place-makers and change agents; people doing innovative things in unexpected places to enhance their communities. Over three days, nationally renowned speakers and performers including James Howard Kunstler, Kennedy Smith, Christian Sottile, Mia Birk, Ben Hewitt and others are coming together to lead what we believe will be one of the largest place-making idea exchanges in the country.

By day, this “festival conference” will feature provocative presentations and engaging discussions; by night, attendees will experience spectacular local food and entertainment.

Come to the inaugural (X)po to collaborate and connect; leave recharged, with new ideas and inspired initiatives – and meaningful connections with colleagues from diverse disciplines who are making a positive difference.

For more information about this incredible event , including how to register for one of the remaining spots, visit And if (X)po resonates with you – even if you can’t attend this year – please drop me a line so I know and can connect with you in the future.

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