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Backyard Garden Could Turn you Into An Eco-Farmer

morningwalk-favneighbor-gardenThere’s a new wave of farming out there called SPIN–small plot intensive farming–and according to major newspapers it is growing in cities across North America.

New urbanism has generated a lot of attention around the notions of “buying local” and working locally in order to cut harmful emissions caused by transportation vehicles.  Was it then any wonder that we’d eventually find a way to make farming an urban pursuit as well?

What is making SPIN popular is the relatively low start up cost.  You can reap the benefits of growing your own food for consumption or sale without having to purchase acres of land.  Of course your income will have some relation to the amount of land that you have available to cultivate.

But even so, according to the Toronto Star, urban SPIN movement leader, Wally Satzewich says that on a 1/2 acre of land an urban farmer can earn $50K.  That’s not too shabby.

“The field is wide open because there is so much demand for local, ecologically grown food and so little supply,” explains Satzewich.

Well I’m excited about this SPIN movement because  it’s sustainable, it’s affordable and will not only open up opportunity for more people to generate income from home–that’s good news in this tough economy–but it will also contribute to the supply of locally grown food and slowly but surely edge us further away from our heavy dependency on imported fruits and vegetables.

Time to go take an assessment of my garden tools…

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