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Welcome and thanks for taking the time to explore my perspectives on new urbanism. As a wife, mother of two, and concerned citizen, I have plenty to share and  have done just that with this blog since 2007.

A little introduction:  I’m a child of the suburbs who was taught to appreciate the beauty of the city by my father. I consequently developed a critical eye for the suburban environment in which I was raised. At the first opportunity that came my way I moved downtown to an urban center. I eventually moved out of the city and closer to the suburbs I had so despised as a teen. What brought me back was a movement in my region called “new urbanism.”

The term “new urbanism” isn’t that familiar in the mainstream and that for me is part of the problem.  New urbanism really just refers to the development or re-development of communities that are more pedestrian friendly, eco-friendly and business friendly. The new urban dweller wants to live where he/she works. Forward thinking civic and business leaders have come out to support “new urbanism” as a way to stop urban sprawl, reduce automobile pollution and improve community life.

We are thrilled that city and suburban planners are taking their cues from the past and giving us back some of the wonderful town structures and village designs that made community life in centuries gone by so much more enjoyable in many ways. Many “new urban” developments in the suburbs and in cities include attractive homes, condos and apartments that are closer to the street, adorned with wonderful porches and situated near stylish town squares and public spaces that encourage people to walk, socialize and work in their communities.

The new urbanism movement is taking hold in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. It’s taken over 20 years, but this is a significant change in the way we view community and would explain why the movement has been so gradual but significant.

New urban advocates/cheerleaders/residents choose:

To live in a community that supports employment close to home or entrepreneurship.

To live a “Green Lifestyle” and appreciate a community that makes living “Green” possible.

To live in a community that celebrates culture, social interaction and activities that build and enhance family and community life.

I hope you’ll share your thoughts, opinions and suggestions to help us serve you better as a resource for today’s New Urban Moms!

Wishing you much happiness and success where you live and work!

Sharon McMillan

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