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A Nation Coming of Age – The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama

Around the country and around the world communities are buzzing with the kind of excitement that we don’t often get before a presidential inauguration.

Sure, in most instances the installation of a new president brings about some anticipation about what the new administration will do to affect your situation, but this time it’s different.

First of all, the world economic situation is so bad right now that in all honesty I don’t think anyone seriously believes that the man about to be inaugurated in a few hours will change it anytime soon.

I think instead it’s this man’s campaign mantra and the “man” himself that has us holding our breath with…hope.

Here is a man that was elected by people of all colors and even all political beliefs because of his competence and what he represented.  Sure he represents “change” from the current administration, but I think more importantly he embodies the feeling, emotions, mindset and convictions of a nation that has come of age.

Who would have thought that the U.S. with its still-fresh scars of racial inequality and violence “could” not only elect but come together as a “community” of Americans to support and embrace the installation of  a black man as its 44th president.  It is hard believe that this is all taking place within the same century that saw blacks being denied the right to vote because of the color of their skin.

I’m overjoyed at this development not just for myself and the opportunity I have to witness this in my lifetime, but more so for our children.  Our young people feel energized (I see it and I could cry).  They feel hopeful and positive about our country’s leadership and about what they can do to change and protect our world and that is the best outcome of all.

Mr. Obama has come at the right time for us as a nation and as people who share and embrace a history and the future.

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