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A Contest for your Senses


The winner of this beautiful Scentsy package is Arika Liddiard. Arika said in her comments that between toddlers and new babies, her home’s dirty diaper quotient is calling out for Scentsy’s safe and sweet smelling sensations. Congratulations Arika and thank you to Laurie Ayers of Scentsy for sponsoring July’s contest!


There is something about a scented room that just makes me feel so wonderful! Whether it’s a fresh floral scent in the summer or a warm, festive vanilla aroma at Christmas time, a beautifully scented room can really make my day.

It’s no wonder I was so excited about promoting this month’s contest give-away!

The “hottest new things in scented candles” are the safe, long lasting wickless candles from Scentsy. Scentsy Director, Laurie Ayers, has kindly offered to give-away a beautiful $40 Scentsy package to one of our New Urban Mom subscribers.

The $40 package includes:

  • One Electric Wickless Candle Warmer
  • One 6-cubed Candle Bar
  • Priority Shipping

Please feel free to click on the graphic above to learn more about Scentsy. To enter the contest:

  1. Post a comment below.
  2. If you’d like to double your chances of winning, subscribe to the New Urban Mom list. All subscribers are entered into this contest so you’ll get a second chance at winning by posting AND subscribing. See the subscription box in the top right hand corner of this page (and every page on this site).

That’s it! I’ll pull out a winning entry at the end of July.

Good luck!


  1. I’d like to win that!
    I’m still a social networking butterfly in the making! Just got Digsby and linked up my facebook, myspace and twitter. I’m a work from home mom…w/ an ebay store. Just got some of my squidoo lenses linked in on Moms In A Blog too! I’m green but rolling!

  2. I love candles and nothing makes you feel good at the end of a long stressful day like the sent of candles. I start my day (or does it really end) around 5 am and I don’t get a break until 10pm. Assuming it was a smooth day, which hardly happens, but I digress. Writing and aromatherapy go hand in hand. Everyone should find a way to unwind, especially if your a SAHM. Small breaks are all you get.

  3. I’m really excited about the wickless aspect of this! I like a nice subtle scent always present in my home. It just makes me happy when I smell it!

  4. I have been looking at this company, thinking of joining just to get the discount (I have a travel biz that I ‘work’) and have never tried them before. I’ve known several families that have lost their homes to fires due to candles, and a church member who was badly burned in an ‘explosion’ in her home due to having a candle lit when someone was using a strong chemical to unclog her drains!

  5. What a special giveaway!!

    This is lovely, thank you for the oppertunity and good luck to everyone!

    Best Wishes*

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