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A Champion Like Brad

Hurricane Katrina devastated the lives of thousands of people in New Orleans especially the Lower Ninth Ward. This tragedy was something we’ll never forget. Not just because of the devastation and terrible emergency response, but also for the coming together of community advocates to help rebuild communities throughout the hurricane ravaged area.

This event shows what a community can do or what a handful of people can do for a community. Today’s post picture features Brad Pitt talking about rebuilding homes for displaced residents in the lower Ninth Ward through is non-profit group Make it Right.

What Brad Pitt has set out to do is to raise funds and support to help provide the difference between displaced residents’ assets and the cost of rebuilding their home. He’s got amazing architects and planners on board and the plan is to rebuild a sustainable, green community that I hope will be a great model for other communities.

What really moves me about this story is the momentum that one or a few people can bring to a situation. Sure this BRAD PITT movie star, but he is also Brad concerned citizen. Look in your groups and communities and you’ll likely find that one person or group that is always there making a difference.

Yesterday I popped into one of my favorite sites Brewed Fresh Daily (a regionally focused blog) and saw a call out for folks to visit and support a locally owned book store coming on hard times. The poster highlighted books and items that one might want to purchase at an upcoming “Rent Party” for the store. That’s a community coming together and those are the actions that make us feel alive and a part of a community that needs and benefits from our care.

So are you a champion for your community?

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