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Effective Crusading for New Urbanism

Toronto is one of the busiest metropolitan regions in the world yet it has one of the most under-built transit systems for a city its size – and growing. Today’s post features a journalist who’s a known local crusader for new urbanism ideals. He provides practical (and visual) insight into the issues and strategies for

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Caribbean Indulgence

Since we’re in the midst of winter I thought I’d indulge myself with some pictures from a country I love to visit. Jamaica. It’s also the birthplace of my parents and where we sent my home for her final rest after her sad and unexpected death last year (cancer is a terrible, terrible thing). One

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Residents Who Choose to Invest in Cities

We’re in the midst of a movement designed to encourage businesses and the government to make strategic investments in urban centers to help make our cities the regional economic drivers they were designed to be. But when it comes to the residents who will actually be living and personally “investing” in cities, I think we

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