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The Environment and the Power of Cities

In prior posts on this blog I’ve referred to some of the world’s experts on new  urbanism–experts who have each asserted that there are vital links between a city’s success or failure and the well-being of local and regional economies. In this tough global economy, if we’re to create new jobs, protect our natural resources

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A Nation Coming of Age – The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama

Around the country and around the world communities are buzzing with the kind of excitement that we don’t often get before a presidential inauguration. Sure, in most instances the installation of a new president brings about some anticipation about what the new administration will do to affect your situation, but this time it’s different. First

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Show #17 – Testosterone Free Marketing

When it comes to assigning a price to the services or products you offer through your home-business, do you undercharge? Do you worry about relationships in business to the detriment of your own business success? If you’re nodding in agreement you are definitely not alone…according to marketing expert Denise Michaels this is in many cases

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Geography of a Crisis and Opportunity

UPDATE – February 6, 2009: Richard Florida’s report to the Ontario government is creating fear/anger/hope/buzz across Canada and the U.S. – serious questions are being raised about the future of manufacturing in this country.  Read the report here. ********************************** This morning I listened to American new urbanism guru Richard Florida (author of Rise of the

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Our Kids are Practicing What They Preach

Thanks to an innovative “social web design site” called NetGenDesign I was introduced to a video that got me thinking in new ways about the generation that defines my children–the Millennials.  The information shared wasn’t all that new but the video presentation really helped to drive home the message in ways that impressive authors and

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