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Reality vs Fantasy – A Survey

This blog is all about the joys, challenges and opportunities of community life.  There is of course another community of which I’m a part and by extension so is this blog.  That’s the online community that includes bloggers, readers and the whole gamut of web 2.0 forums that help us to connect, interactively with one

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Book Review: Leisureville

**UPDATE**: You can listen the podcast featuring the author here. There are some books, like George Orwell’s 1984, that give you a bizarre peek at an imaginary future while at the same time sending shudders down your spine as you realize that the eerie future described is actually here. Andrew Blechman’s book Leisureville is a

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New Urbanism Developments Clashing with the Real Thing?

New urbanism is a nod to the past and an acknowledgment that we love to live in neighborhoods where we can stroll to the corner store, socialize with friends and family close to home, utilize public amenities and services that help us to live in an eco-friendly ways, and work in an office down the

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Tell Me Thursday

I chose this picture of my two teens because they rarely hug like this anymore! They joke and laugh together, but since she became a more introspective teen his little goofy games started to get on her nerves. It would break my heart to see her shooing him away when he wanted to play frisbee,

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WW – Wordless Wednesday

Make sure to come back tomorrow for Tell Me Thursday when I’ll tell you the story behind this picture.

New Urban Mom Show No. 12 – College, Career, Family & Biz

Today’s show spans the gamut – from an update on my daughter’s college decisions to an interview with a Yale educated mom who realized that having it all didn’t necessarily mean “juggling” career and family. Christine Lowe Woolard decided that family meant more to her than her career. So she left her career to tend

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A Contest for your Senses

UPDATE: **WE HAVE A WINNER** The winner of this beautiful Scentsy package is Arika Liddiard. Arika said in her comments that between toddlers and new babies, her home’s dirty diaper quotient is calling out for Scentsy’s safe and sweet smelling sensations. Congratulations Arika and thank you to Laurie Ayers of Scentsy for sponsoring July’s contest!

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Getting Ready to Send a Teen to College

This blog is a resource and I hope an inspiration for making our communities places that encourage positive and healthy growth for ourselves, our families and our businesses. Is it any wonder then that I feel so conflicted about the rite of passage that so many of us go through when it comes time to

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Neighborly Chat – Try It

Are you one of those people who run hurriedly into the house/car/garage the minute you glance your neighbor next door? It’s okay to admit your neighbor phobia because of course you’re not alone. But really do you think it would be that bad if you were to stop and talk for a minute? I’m not

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Hard to Go Vegan on July 4th Weekend

I’ve been thinking about it and I’m not really certain that I can go vegan…yet. I’m pretty convinced by the argument that our modern means of keeping animals for slaughter and the slaughtering process itself contributes to our ill health and harms the environment. Hopefully with all this attention there will be an increasing effort

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