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The Season for Dressing Up and Going Out

Are you taking advantage of the wonderful evening events in your town new urban mom? After we had kids our evening social life took a serious dive. We’d make the odd feeble attempt to go out on the town but between arranging for baby sitters and me slowly growing out of my slinky evening clothes,

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The Gift of IDEAS…

I start every holiday season with the best of intentions and they begin with the promise that all gifts will be purchased before December 1 so that I can ENJOY the holiday season. You know what they say about best laid plans. Well this year I zeroed in on the problem. When it comes down

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What I’m Thankful For

Like many people, I don’t spend enough time acknowledging the good people in my family and in my communities that make life meaningful for me. Good thing this Thanksgiving holiday slows us all down for a short while to focus on these very things. This year has been a special one for me. I celebrated

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Mommy Blogging: More than Mad Money and Milk

Ever since Elizabeth Edwards sat down with a some mommy bloggers in Silicon Valley, main stream media has started to pay some serious attention to mommy bloggers. Just this morning as I drove into the city I heard one of my favorite radio parenting commentators talking about her “recent” exposure to mommy blogs.  Hard to

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Grocery Shopping Never Felt so Good

There was a time in the not too distant past, before I moved to our neighborhood and embraced community life, that I absolutely HATED entering a super market. There were times when I would have preferred to have a tooth extracted than enter the crowded, pushy, fluorescent lighted aisles of my supermarket. That was then.

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A Movie for our Times

I’m not one to blog about movie celebrities (especially when unrelated to the topic of this blog), but there are a few actors who stand out for me because of their work and their public stance on issues of real importance, like our communities. George Clooney is one of those individuals.  He has spoken out on the

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A Relevant Post About…College Football

Before you question why there is a post on here about college football…hear me out.  My passion is community life and the ways in which urban planning, businesses and governments work together to support our desires and needs to  socialize, connect with each other, and lead fulsome lives. Well, as a relative latecomer to the college

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Where are You Walking to Today?

Last week I was shaken in a good way by a major national news story about a scientific health report confirming that it is not only poverty that leads to tragic health circumstances like diabetes, but the way our communities are designed. If your income and lifestyle doesn’t support health club memberships, golfing, swimming and

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The Green Way to a Fresher Bathroom

I just came across the most wonderful way to scent your bathroom.  Danny who writes the blog Simply Green came up with a simple and affordable way to have an instant Eco Bathroom. I’m going shopping tonight for a cheap bathroom renovation that will smell devine – thanks Danny!