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More on “New Urbanism”

Moms trying to find balance and quality in where they live and how they work might find this reference information about “new urbanism” useful and interesting. Here are the principles of new urbanism as spelled out by the folks at

Save Time and Money by Planning Your Meals

You know the feeling…it’s 4:30 p.m. you’re working on a project for your client or your boss and you have no idea what you’re going to cook for your family tonight. Your guilt level is high because you’ve already offered up fast food to your family for dinner twice this week – yuch!. Well we’ve

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So what is “new urban”

You know the saying everything old is new again, well that is how I would best describe the term “new urban mom” and the focus of this website. One of the things that makes the internet so attractive to so many of us is that you can find a community that reflects your interests and

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My gardening abilities have developed slowly over time. I started dabbling when the kids were toddlers in our first home. Those toddlers are now teenagers so you’d think I’d have mastered the basics of gardening by now…